Tianyi (Alex) Qiu

Hi! I am Tianyi :)

I conduct machine learning research on AI safety and alignment, with a special focus on moral values in AI systems.

I am currently a junior at Peking University, as a member of the Turing Class in Computer Science.



My answer to the Hamming question (“What are the most important problems [that you should probably work on]?”)

I strive to become a “full-stack researcher”, hoping to combine experimental, mathematical, and conceptual analysis to approach these problems. I have just started, and there is definitely a long, long way to go.



Project: Generalization analysis in alignment training via induced Bayesian network (IBN)

Project: Surveying the AI safety & alignment field

You may head for my Google Scholar profile to view the stats!




Get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out! If you are on the fence about getting in touch, consider youself encouraged to do so :)

I can be reached at the email address qiutianyi.qty@gmail.com , or on twitter via the handle @Tianyi_Alex_Qiu .