Tianyi (Alex) Qiu

Hi! I am Tianyi :)

I conduct machine learning research on AI safety and alignment, with a special focus on moral progress in AI systems.

I am a research intern at the Center for Human-Compatible AI, UC Berkeley. I am also a rising senior at Peking University, as a member of the Turing Class in Computer Science and the PKU Alignment Team.



My answer to the Hamming question (“What are the most important problems [that you should probably work on]?”)

I strive to become a “full-stack researcher”, hoping to combine experimental, mathematical, and conceptual analysis to approach these problems. I have only just started, and there is definitely a long, long way to go.


Selected Publications

You may head for my Google Scholar profile to view my other publications and the stats!

Project: Progress alignment (to prevent premature value lock-in)

Project: Theoretical deconfusion

Project: Surveying the AI safety & alignment field




Talks & Reports


Get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out! If you are on the fence about getting in touch, consider yourself encouraged to do so :)

I can be reached at the email address qiutianyi.qty@gmail.com, or on Twitter via the handle @Tianyi_Alex_Qiu. You could also book a quick call with me via this Calendly link - it's as simple as a click!